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Released November 2016, the PS4 Pro features upgraded hardware for 4K gaming and improved PSVR performance.

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Will my ps4 pro cuh-7016b model work in the US?

Hey guys,

I brought my cuh-7016b ps4 pro with me from Turkey and relocated to the US. It is written on the actual ps4 pro from behind that it is 220-240v, will it work here in the US and what do I need to get in order for it to work?

I am confused as some people said that i should get a converter and some said i need to buy a new power cord only.

Thanks a lot!

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Just wanted to update you guys, I bought the cable and did the same as the youtube video shows and broke the ground part from the cord. The ps4 pro has been working fine for the past hour. Will post updates if any issues occurred. Thanks a lot for your help!


Ayman, That is great to hear your up and running, thanks for posting back.


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@aceoffish , Ayman , Yes. PlayStation 4 Pro power adapter is built into the machine and can handle both 220v and 110v. Change the cord to USA 110v link below and you will show how to convert a generic comp/printer/ect. cable to use in the US on 110v. You can also do a search for a power cable for perhaps.. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.



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@lpfaff1 , Thanks a lot for your answer, so it can work on 110v even though it says differently on the ps4 pro itself?

The link you shared is helpful too, however the input end for my ps4 pro looks different, I am not sure how I can share a photo here!


Ayman, The 1st link shows how to make a 110v PS4 Pro cord from generic cord from printer/monitor/etc. Half way down the page of the 2nd link will probably be the plug you will need and will find doing a search and there are also probably wall adapter/receptacle adapters available. Also posted a couple links confirming 220v to 110v compatibility. Thanks for replying back, have a good evening.






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@aceoffish, The Ps4 can be used in the US.

Come to the US first, then order the cable. No need for cable modification.

$1.91 USD + Shipping.


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that cord differ's, he has the PS4 pro and the cord you posted will not work.


Updated link.


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