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What does the insides of the Nintendo Switch Game cards look like?

I was just wondering what the insides on a Nintendo Switch game card looked like without the plastic surrounding it, I do realize this would be destroying a game card but just was wondering if anyone had pictures of what the insides of one looks like without the plastic surrounding the cartridge?

Update (03/22/2017)

I was looking for links to see the actual insides of a game card, not theories :)... Isnt there any links showing pictures or pictures that can be uploaded to here showing the actual insides of a game card??? Im just not willing to dish out $65.00 to ruin a game card to look... I was just wondering if any of the bigger companies out there got promo game cards or something you'd be willing to destroy so you can show the world the game cards secrets...

I know there's insides 3DS game cards pictures out there but was just wondering if someone took the plunge to damage a game cartridge to look yet lol.

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Probably a mini or micro SD card with an adapter.


There is a little electir adapter that they use for the wires and electricitey in a Rc car/ romot control car that looks like this

<img src="https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/image... alt="17+ Rc Car Wiring Diagram | Electrical wiring diagram, Diagram, Electrical symbols"/>


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I just posted my teardown video of the Nintendo Switch game cartridge. As a bonus I also gave it a taste test!

Check it out here.

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Hey Steve why if it tasted so bad did you taste it again . Way to take one for the team ;-p


@jimfixer I only got a small taste the first time...I had to make sure...ha, ha, ha!


YESSS! I'm totally checking this out!


GREAT TEAR-DOWN and yes this is EXACTLY what I have been looking for, and HAHAHA Whats on the cards is Bitterant the same stuff used in Canair like what you use to blow dust outta electronics!


OH by the way the bitterant is on the ENTIRE game cartridge, not just on its label!! just tasting any part of the game card will produce the same effect!! It was sure funny seeing your reaction to how bad the Bitterant tasted though, it made me laugh seeing your face!!


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Looks like a SD card with out its case.

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