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Replaced screen going crazy opening apps & 2 white dots

I have just replaced a screen + digitizer in an iPhone 6S as the old one was cracked and half of screen stopped working. The old screen would flicker and apps were automatically opening which would go in a loop.

New screen replaced and was working fine for few few days except the bottom of the screen keyboard would sometimes cause a few keyboard keys to not work properly. I thought it was just me pressing the wrong keyboard keys.

Today the replaced screen has started going crazy and opening apps automatically in a loop and can't stop it. It's like the screen is not responding to touch and comes and goes.

Also there are 2 white dots that come up on the home screen in the 1st icon but when I open other apps they disappear. They don't look like dead pixels and there about a 3rd size of the head of a match stick.

I also factory reset the phone after installing new screen and restored from iTunes backup so it's running up to date IOS.

When I replaced the screen I made sure the battery was disconnected.

Has anyone experienced this particular problem and suggest if its a faulty screen or could it be related to hardware/plugs etc?


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Maybe phone has been liquid damaged before?

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The phone has not been liquid damaged, I opened it up yesterday again disconnecting the battery and checked all the flex cables and connections are connected by reconnecting them. It worked fine for few hours today and again the same issue with apps opening up by themselves.

Have you seen iphones reacting this way with liquid damage and is this fixable if this was the case? It's weird as it looks like a random problem where it will work for few hours and suddenly goes crazy.

I thinking maybe its one side that bottom right hand when I press too much on the chassi might be causing this since the phone was dropped originally and had a cracked screen which is why I replaced the screen as the old screen worked for few months and than gave in by the same problem.


I don't think it was liquid damaged, it was purchased from previous owner with cracked screen and screen worked fine only it had crack. The phone was accidentally dropped again and caused LCD spill inside the screen and thats when the phone started to go funny with it opening apps automatically.

The screen was replaced and worked fine for few days until the problem returned.

I unplugged battery again and reconnected all the flex cables from the screen. It worked for few hours and again problems with random apps opening up in a continuous loop.

Can liquid damage cause something like this? Has anyone experienced this problem with a new screen?


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If you have a screen protector on it take it off.

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My wife was having similar issues and it turned out to be the screen protector. Replaced it with a cheaper version from Amazon and it worked great.



Its a new screen with no protector on it.


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