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I replaced the charging port and it still won't charge

I replaced the charging port and it still wont charge. before the replacement I cleaned out the charging port with a q tip and a little isopropyl alcohol which made it so i could charge it only at a certin angle. any ideas?

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what percent is the isopropyl alcohol


you make it sound like the alcohol got past the port and got on to something else like an exposed wire


I replaced it with another charging port and still no luck


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A phone that wont charge could be caused by multiple things:

  1. A defective battery. The iPhone 6S is well know to suffer from battery issues, perhaps your 6S Plus has a similar problem.
  2. A defective charge port. While you replaced it, these small parts are notorious for poor quality and you may have gotten a bad one.
  3. Debris or oil residues inside the port (you cleaned it with IPA already).
  4. Defective Lightning cables and charging bricks. Always use genuine Apple cables and bricks when troubleshooting problems.
  5. Finally, a defective charge circuit on the logic board. This could be caused by water damage, impacts, poor quality (i.e. the cheap stuff) Lightning cables and charging bricks, especially the "automotive" ones.

The first 4 you can troubleshoot yourself and the last one requires a micro-soldering repair (not DIY).

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Have you tried another cable/plug?

It is possible to have a faulty charging port which you have bought. (I've gone through 3 in a row before!)

No debris in the connection from the port to the board.

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Replace tristar ic your problem will go ago.

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