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Is the IFIXIT screwdriver magnetic?

I need an answer to whether the IFIXIT screwdriver is magnetic or not.

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Yes it is. I own the kit and the bits go in with a satisfying magnetic 'click'. And screws that can be attracted by a magnet stick to it no issues. If your considering getting any ifixit toolkits GET IT it is one of the best purchases ive ever made

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This is a mixed answer. In theory both the 1/4 in driver and 4mm driver are magnetized. The magnet work well in the 4mm driver and is strong enough to retain the bits as well as the screws on the end of the bit. However, on the 1/4 driver the magnet is much weaker and is only strong enough to retain the bits but barely passes through with enough residual strength to hold a screw on the tip of the bits. I have two complete sets and the larger 1/4 driver is the same in both. It’s a very annoying shortfall on an otherwise nearly perfect set.

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The 1/4 in driver has strong magnets now.. I cant pull the bits out of it without tools. If only it had a magnet switch. I found a workaround! Stuck piece of paper napkin in driver and its better!


Thanks Dev, good to know.


hi guys i just bought a manta set and have the same problem my 1/4 driver cant hold any screws. its rly annoying and i didnt know that so reading your reply here should i return the set and ask for a new one with a stronger magnet in the driver ?


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