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Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это большая версия iPhone 6 с 5.5-дюймовый экраном.

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Is my new screen the battery drain

i bought an iphone 6 plus with a cracked screen.

i replaced the screen with a OEM screen. Firing it up it work perfect but rapidly baterry drain and sometime locked screen or not going to the next page. Resetting the phone it did not came to life after power down after wiping.

I put a new full battery in it and it worked again. Using it i came to 4 hour use en 48 standby. i was happy.

So i reset the phone again and only in DFU mode i got it started and again the battery was draining. But the strageest thing happend while going through the setting i got this weird screen at registering my finger print. All the text was on thee top of the screen 90% coverd by the cancel bar. All text was written over each line.

Now i thing the screen is my problem for draining and weird behavior , is that possible for a screen thats works further ore perfect ?

Block Image

Block Image

Updaten (02-04-17)


I placed a new screen. and kept the phone running of and on from 100% till 0%

The i I got it running continiously Youtbe app with movies and got 7 hours and 10 minutes with 4% left.

I think that is a fairly good result ? (Bluetooth off, Refresh on backgroud off and handoff off and no sim in it)

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Filters around de LCD/DIGI are all covered in foam , it is hard to not to connect them at once. Around the battery i haven't looked, because the problem was also when not replaced the old battery. When testing the phone for its lifespan. I kept the brightness on half manual and never turning on the screenprotector. The top of the case and mostly on the right side it was hot to very hot.

Bloody !&&* what can go wrong with such a small peace of technology :-)


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The battery drain is most likely a result of knocking something loose on the board. Its not uncommon to knock a filter or connector loose.

I would take a good look at the battery connector, any filters near it (I don't remember any close on an ip6+ but don't trust my memory) and more importantly, around the digi and LCD connectors. I would bet money on a filter being knocked off. its much more likely than a screen draining power. If it were the screen, I would expect a hot phone as a result of a short.

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Dang it @oldturkey03 . I'm trying to avoid points.


answer is a answer irobot killer lol


@joshw brother your answers are just to good. You know you are an asset to this community and earn every point


indeed a good answer , but no one regonize the overlay in text on top of my screen in the pictures and where it comes from?


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Where did you get the oem screen? OEM Claims on the market are usually false and fake. usually this is caused by a cheap power consuming lcd assembly

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Thanks, so you confirm that a cheap screen can drain my battery faster . But does it also is an explanation for not starting up normal only by DFU . Weird touch behavior would be an explanation. The shifting of letters also ?


Touch issues could be related to the screen. I would be a Select Screen from mobiledefenders.com I can attest to quality they are the only screens i use for my professional repair shop. If a new screen doesnt fix the issue the eratic touch could be your touch ic.


Thanks, i suspected the TouchIC or Charging IC IC20, and now the screen. But the screen looks more likly, doesn't , it can drain battery and respond bad to touch. The IC's would only higlight one problem. Price is oke but i am living in EU so huge costs for shipping and TAX in EU :-)


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