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75 Watt 8" Subwoofer. Part of Boston Acoustics Micro90t 5.1 home theater package.

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Where can I get a new Toggle Switch? Micro90pv.

The full long Story about the problem.

I need a new mini toggle switch for the Boston Acoustics Micro90pv subwoofer. They wont give me a schematic for it either.

-Thanks == Update ==

Still looking for a new switch for the Micro90pv subwoofer. The bottom line with the CS rep was this

Hey Nicholas,
          Just got feedback from the engineering they are not able to disclose the information or break the boards down for me. All qualified repair center have the parts needed to make the necessary repairs. To obtain repair information or procedure you MUST be a Boston Acoustic certified repair center.

I told him that I called their repair center person guy. Lemars Boston Acoustics Repair. Left him a message, and an email. Never got back to me. Really don't want to throw the amp assembly out. I can't believe a switch is that difficult to find. Soldering and fixing it is easy. Finding the parts isn't

So if you can offer your advice, thank you. My Uncle who is a PCB engineer at Westell said he would need to know the specs of the switch, or see a schematic. And Boston Acoustics won't tell me either. I fired off a letter last monday to their HQ in Peabody MA.


Thanks guys. The guy at the Boston Acoustics authorized service center was feeling REALLY KIND, and he decided to give me a new amp assembly FREE of charge. Also, BA had 3 diff versions of the amp assembly for the micro90pv. I had the 1st gen amp. The new one (I have the 3rd gen now) lacks a crossover control, and polarity switch. Thats fine, as I was Polarity to be normal, and it is, and crossover is managed by the receiver. As for the broken amp that I raised !&&@ over, that might get fixed one day if I have time. Other wise, I might send it to the service center, and let them scrap it for parts. Thanks for all the help.


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Anyone? No one here can help?


Can anyone offer their knowledge?


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Hi Nicholas, really not my area of experise but I would start looking at places like Mouser.com http://www.mouser.com/Search/Refine.aspx... or Digi-Key http://search.digikey.com/scripts/DkSear... I know it would be quicker and nicer to have the schematic but some companies are just very secretive :) anyway, give it a try and let us know. Good luck

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tried. no luck. Thats why i am posting here.


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One of these should do the trick:


Take a look at series datasheet in the part description to understand the differences between them.



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The switches linked by aholtzma look good; you probably want an on-off-on switch for your power swtich, and an on-on switch for your polarity switch.

I would guess that the glue and black rubbery stuff you're complaining about is a sealant that they use to make the subwoofer enclosure airtight to improve the sound quality and keep things from rattling when the sub is in use.

As for the original problem, the component that tends to fail most often is capacitors; do yours have any bulging or discoloration?

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