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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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Logic Board of MacBook 2009 Vs 2010

Hi, I have a MacBook (13-inch, Late 2009). My logic board has failed, I'm planning to replace it but IFIXIT site shows me the logic board of MacBook 2010.

Now the question, will the logic Board of Macbook 2010 fit my laptop and will it work?

MacBook Unibody (A1342) 2.4 GHz Logic Board

Really appreciate if someone could let me know what to do.

MacBook Unibody (A1342) 2.4 GHz Logic Board Изображение


MacBook Unibody (A1342) 2.4 GHz Logic Board


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Can you verify your system for us. Review this list and tell us your exact model: MacBook Systems.


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make sure the cables from the top video display to the Motherboard are exactly the same. They often change the camera connection and video plugs from one edition to another. They may look the same but will not work, unless you have them both side by side.

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