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Anyway to repair the copper traces on motherboard?

hi to all,

I was trying to replace charging chip on an iPhone 6. In the past I use to solder the laptop and desktop motherboards but nothing this small as the iPhone 6 motherboard.

Anyway, I used the heat gun, some flux, and everything seemed ok but later under the microscope I noticed that there are few round circle pins missing. I probably didn't heat the motherboard enough and while removing chip I probably tore the trace and removed with those small copper pins.

The question is: Is there anyway to repair them? I presume that the where somehow connected to the copper via's inside the motherboard.

Is there anyway to solder/glue them back again?

Update (04/01/2017)

here it is attached, and sorry it is not iphone 6 but iphone 6s. According to the schematic pins are A4 and D4

Block Image

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Most of the time those are dummy NC pads. Post the image.


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Where you using a heat gun or a hot air station? The difference is enormous. You cannot use a heat gun to do micro-soldering.

Depending on where the pads are and what they connect to, it is possible to repair them. As @gigabit87898 says, you need to confirm if they are N/C (not connected) or not. If you have schematics and boardviews (and honestly, if you are soldering stuff on an iphone logic board, you really should have these), then you should be able to figure it out.

In order to run jumpers, you will need very small wire (at least 42AWG), a microscope (or really good young eyes ;>) and fine point soldering iron tips on a temperature controlled soldering iron/station.

Otherwise, you should look for a repair shop that specializes in micro-soldering repairs.

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I guess having young eyes is good explains why most of the time I just use my eyes instead of the microscope haha.


pros kit ss-969 with temperature and airflow control


The two pads missing are D4 and E4 and the connections must be restored.

You can jumper D4 to R0902 but E4 is more complicated. It goes directly to the PMIC (U2000), the CPU (U0600) and Chestnut (U4000). However, there is a probe point (PP1021) right next to U4000 that is part of the NET. You could scrape it and connect your jumper there.


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What ones are they? They could be useless like n/c pins or they could be important. Post a picture from the microscope so we can see them.

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Follow the schematics and use jumper wire

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