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The Plantronics Voyager Legend is a wireless, Bluetooth enabled headset, which is compatible with most cellphones available on the market. Originally released in September, 2013, this device is still popular among a wide variety of users.

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Microphone failure planatronics voyager legend

My microphone hears me when searching with Google assistant, but not working for phone calls (caller can't hear me ) are there 2 separate microphones?

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I have 3 of the voyager legend BT, almost a year old, and 1 of them is almost new. Tested on iPhone 6+, 7+, and X, fresh installed they work a few minutes, but then I have to talk like a psychopath for others to hear me! I’ve had the same type for 6-8yrs and the issues started a couple years ago. Apparently there is a glitch with an update, so from now on, if something works, it’s not getting updated anymore. Swapping it out didn’t fix one either, but disconnect, reconnect works sometimes... others have luck?


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I’ve been having a similar issue with the microphone. It worked for years like a… legend. Somewhere around 2017-2018 I started getting complaints that my voice was faint and distant when calling though my iPhone.

When connected with my laptop via the UC dongle my voice is clear as ever for all major videoconferencing software (on Windows).

Switch to a my iPhone(s) it’s crap. For some time I stuck tape on the third microphone that does the ANC. It worked for a while, untill it no longer did.

I had a call today with a customer service agent who, surprisingly, was not working off a script. His recommendation was to change the headset language. This forces a complete flash of the firmware. Unfortunately there was no success and the problem is still there.

What is so different between the connection with the UC dongle and the connection with an iPhone?

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