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Mac will not see network drives!

A friend of mine was trying to fix a Mac tower for a small business, and determined that the PRAM needed to be replaced. After replacing it, the original problem was resolved, but the icons were scrambled, some settings were lost, and now it doesn't seem to see all the drives on the network.

If have fixed most of the issues, but the ones that remain all have the network in common. The small business is running a Samba and the network has been cobbled together over time.

Any suggestions? Is there a way to better access or utilize the network?

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He replaced the PRAM battery correct?? You shouldn't need to replace the PRAM chip.


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Try resetting the PRAM. On restart, hold down the P, R, Command and Option keys. Let it tone three times then release.


If you want them to show up on the desktop, from a blank desktop, go under the Finder to Preferences > General and click the boxes of the drives you want on the desktop.

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@mayer - He may need to re-establish the connection going to the 'Go' menu then 'Network'


He is going to work on it tomorrow, so I will have more input then. Good suggestions!


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