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The second iteration of Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet computers with a 7.0-inch screen. Model numbers: GT-P3105, GT-P3100, and GT-P3105.

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My tablet won't open past the Samsung opening message

Charging works fine, however when I go to turn the tablet on, it gets stuck on the opening Samsung message and won't open up. Any ideas?

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It may sound silly, but how do you open the tablet back? There is no obvious way of getting the back off!


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Open the tablet and disconnect the battery for a few minutes then reconnect and boot . This clears the memory so you get a clean boot. This guide shows how to disconnect the battery in step 3 . You dont need to remove the battery just disconnect it .

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Battery Replacement

Hope this helps

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Pry around the edge theres a small groove . Use a plastic knife or credit card to open it with


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In case anyone else has had this issue.

I found clearing the system partition cache helped.

The system partition cache temporarily stores system data. It allows the system to access apps quickly and efficiently, but sometimes things can become corrupt over time. I found my Tab kept freezing on the Samsung screen when i turned it on. Clearing the system cache sorted my problem out. Below is how to do this.

With your Tab 2 powered off. Press & hold the Volume ‘UP’ Button & then press & hold the Power button. As soon as you feel the Tab vibrate. Release the power button but continue holding the volume ‘UP’ button until the green Android Robot shows on the display. Then release the volume ‘UP’ button.

You will then see the Android Recovery Options. To use these you will need to press the volume up/down buttons to highlight the section you want & then use the power button to select the required option.

The option you want to use is the “wipe cache partition” option. Once you have highlighted it, press the power button briefly. You will then see at the lower part of the screen it telling you it is clearing cache. This doesn’t take long & you will not lose any of you data.

When it has finished you will see different options at the top of the screen. Use the volume up/down buttons to highlight the ‘reboot system now’ & then briefly press the power button to select it. Your Tab will then reboot & hopefully get past the Samsung screen that it was freezing at.

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Block Image

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