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Are LCD FPC connectors that fragile?

Long story short: I am an idiot and I tried to open a FPC connector from the front instead of the back. Obviously, this was not good at all and part of the connector is now broken and teared.

This is not beautiful to see.

Block Image

As a result, when the screen is supposed to turn on, there appears noisy multicolored pixels.

Block Image

I do not want to give up and I considered buying a motherboard to replace it.

However, do you think the problem is indeed related to this connector?

I mean, certainly the plastic is broken but how is it so important for the screen to work? The pins are still present and therefore the contacts should be made pretty much correctly. Can a slightly damaged pin be the cause of this weird screen?

All opinions are welcome. After many attempts at repair, I do not know which direction to take.

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You can try using a small peice of tape to cover it to hold it in place

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Actually, the ribbon holds in place since the flap is not broken. I still have the broken plastic tip, I tried to put it back but it did not have any effect, the screen was still dysfunctional.


Like i said, use some tape to put pressure on it, or use your finger to hold it down to see if that makes a difference. You might have damaged some pins or broken something else in the process


Thanks, it was indeed a contact issue (I had to maintain pressure on the ribbon cable however rather than the connecter itself). I opened a new question about how to fix it permanently: Best way to maintain pressure to fix a broken ribbon cable?


Tape is how you do that


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Something needs to be used on top to make it have a firm contact.

OP: The plastic cover is there to make sure that the ribbon cable connects properly with the pins, with it damaged it won't provide full firm connection to the LCD cable.

I think we call these ZIF connectors (the one with the clip and ribbon connector slotting in) (Mostly HTC uses these).

FPC connectors are front panel connectors that have ribbon cables that plug in (The ones you see in iPhones).

More info here from this quote and link:

Cut to size a hard piece of piece of plastic that will go across the cable where the contacts are. Heat up your hot glue gun. Hold down firmly the piece of plastic that you cut,across the contact area with a very thin nail or needle. Apply glue let it harden. Pull the needle out.

I got it to work reliably (the first time) without glue. I found some very thin but sturdy plastic (like some products are packaged in at the store) and cut a small rectangle of it to match the width of the cable exactly. Then, I matched it up at the end of the cable (near the contacts) and shoved both of them in the socket (with the broken clip). With the extra thickness of the plastic on top of the cable, it prevents the cable from sliding out. And you can pull it out, too, so I guess that makes it "semi-permanent"...

Source: https://www.howtogeek.com/forum/topic/br...

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