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The Kenmore 110 Series is an easy to use home Washing machine created by Kenmore.

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Where to by pass with the jumper

My lid lock assembly only plugs into one spot and that's the control board do I go to the lid lock assembly under the hood and cut the wires and bypass it or do I pull the plug from the control board and jumped it there if I have to do it under the machine at the assembly I'm going to have to wire nut the wires together it's model# 1105072011 Kenmore residential washer or wire harness red white blue and yellow wires please help I have 5 kids and haven't done laundry in 3 days I tried to fix this all weekendthank you

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so I join red and blue together and white and yellow?


@mrt22431 applying a jumper is not quite the same a joining them together. Get a piece of cable with some alligator clips or either end and connect as suggested in the answer


Where does the grey wire from the lid switch harness plug in under the washer on a kenmore 80 series. The wire came unplugged when the motor was removed to replace a part


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bypassing the the lid switch should be Blue and White (2and3 on J15) the lid switch . To bypass the lock switch should be #3 on J15 to #5 on J16. Careful of the voltages.

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Then should I jump both locations to eliminate the entire assembly


So white to blue on J15 and white to white on J16 please let me know if this is correct thank you


That sound sabout right and looks correct on the schematic. Just mind the voltage. you got 120V on that


I just cleared the drain pump had a sock stuck in it started the machine would not lock so put the dial in drain and it drained so should I only have to jump the lock switch or lid switch or the lock switch or still both getting closer thank you


most likely just the lid switch since the solenoid for the lock switch is activated differently.


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Here's what to do till the part comes in:


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What gauge ( size) wire should I use, or does it matter?


I'd use a 16 or 18 gauge wire.


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