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Where can I find a replacement USB charging circuit board for UE Boom?

Due to corrosion, I need to replace the USB port, along with the circuit board attached to it from my UE Boom. I can't seem to find the part anywhere. There are plenty of numbers on the circuit board, but they all seem to be random. I was hoping someone could either tell me where I can find the part, or give me an alternative solution. I'm trying to avoid buying an already broken donor speaker for the part. The board does say that it is manufactured by Logitech.

Here are the numbers:









Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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I need to buy this item but i don’t know how


Not charging properly


How to purchase charging circuit board model s-00122


Anyone just added another port to charge the battery? Then connect direct to the battery



Doing that may be a bit dangerous because you would be bypassing the battery management circuits which prevent the battery from being overheated or or overcharged whilst charging


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There isn't a lot of options out there for this replacement part. I only found two options actually:

1. purchase (the port only) from eBay and desolder the old port from the existing board and connector and solder the new port on.

Link below -


2. According to UE you can call their customer service (1-646-454-3200) and order replacement parts directly from the company. They are Mon-Fri: 6am - 6pm (PST).

Good Luck.

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Thank you for your help. I've seen that piece on eBay before, but I'm pretty sure that I need the board along with the ribbon cable that goes with it. I'll give UE a call and see if they can send one out to me. Again, thank you.


any other link where i can get this board please


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I have been on the phone with Logitech’s parts department for about 30 minutes. What a joke. They dont have parts but I can buy a new one and they will give me 20% off. I told them no I would go with a better brand next time.

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The charging boards on UE Booms are nearly impossible to find. One flaw of these great speakers is that, sometimes if you leave it on the charger too long, it will overheat and melt the port and board. So far I've had this happen to 3 of them.

So used boards or donor speakers don't usually have these. It's about the only thing that goes wrong with them. I've been looking for a year and can't find one. I've now got 4 useless UE Boom 2 speakers.

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