What is the max ram I can install

what's the maximum ram I can install on Toshiba Satellite C650-15C. Some say 4gb and others say 8gb.

Processor - Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 900@2.20GHZ 2.19GHZ

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This is a case where more mem wont help this computer . Your processor will not work well with multi function and graphic adapter will only handle 4 gb of share memory . So anything extra installed will not get used even if it does accept it and it should as it is 64bit. Working this machine to the point of needing more mem will be more than the rest of the system can handle . If your trying to speed up the laptop a SSD is your best money . If you do only have 1gb in then going to 4gb will help but more than the 4 would probably be a waste . Hope this helps

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Here is a link to the specifications for the laptop from the Toshiba website.

It states 4 GB (4096MB) is the maximum.

You could always try 8 GB and see if it works. Just ensure that it is DDR2 800MHz (pc2-6400) SODIMM

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Thanks to all for your replies. From what I can gather I'll just stick to what I have. Cheers guys.

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