Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это маленькая версия iPhone 6 Plus с 4.7-дюймовым экраном.

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iPhone blocked for 24milion minutes, screen totally broken, need data!

Hi, my iPhone 6 screen got totally cracked. I can't enter the code anymore.

(I do have the code.)

I really need the pictures on the phone.

Unfortunately haven't done a iTunes backup for a while.. The photo's i so desperately need are only stored on the device.

What i've tried so far:

- fixed the screen: after the fix, the screen said 'locked for 24million minutes' (they also replaced the battery...). so no option there. I asked the repair-man to put the phone back to the old broken-state, as i have an insurance to fix the screen, but that company will wipe all data in doing so... After i have recovered the photo's, i will send the phone to repair.

- Connected device to the main iMac-device, where i've done a backup in the past. But using iTunes to look for the photo's and synch from there, i get the prompt 'phone locked, enter code on phone'.

- Have tried several 'recovery software tools. tried the trial versions, but most of them didn't offer a backup from device, of if they did, they prompt me for entering the code on the device. Which i can't.

- One version did seem to work (Tenorshare) but after i bought the paid version, the software keeps crashing.. Am in the middle of claiming my money back... They keep saying the issue will be resolved in a week... Very disappointing.

I can connect the phone to a computer, it shows up on iTunes and on the Trial versions of the software, so if only i can get an actual program that can enter my phone without entering the code on the device (isn't there a tool that let's you enter the code on the computer in stead of the device??)

What else can i try??

Thanks a Million for all assistance!

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No data recovery software can bypass the code/trust protocol.

Don't waste money on them and ask for your money back.


With a broken screen, nothing helped. But, when i fixed the screen and rebooted with a simcard. That triggered the battery to check for the correct date and voila, problem solved! That was easy! Thanks for all input!


Great always happy to hear someone was able to get their data back.


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Try this:

1/ Put your SIM or an unlocked SIM compatible with the phone, but must have cellular data plan. Reboot your phone. If the clock and date adjust back to normal, you may get a chance to enter your code one more time. The same can happen if the phone connects to a known Wi-Fi network and the clock is adjusted back to normal.

2/ Otherwise, turn off your iPhone. Then press and hold home button, and while holding, connect to your computer. Release home button once the iPhone has booted (connect to iTunes should then be seen on the iPhone). iTunes will see it in restore mode. Click on UPDATE.

Do not click on RESTORE. It will tell you that if update fails, you will have to restore. Agree and let it download and install the latest software. Even if your phone's iOS is updated, it will go through the motions.

Let me know if it works. Good luck.

If the above fails, I might have one more solution. Try the above first.

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Restore will destroy all data on the phone, you might want to notice him.


Which is why I told her to UPDATE.

The prompt will say that if it fails to update, she'll have to restore, but does not actually restore. It will either update and grant her a chance to input the code, or simply fail and throw an error.


And it is likely to fail in this situation, he would have to risk it.


Who's taking bets? One beer says it will pass. Two beers to whoever voted me down.


I am gonna try both options, thanks! Will report back, can take a few days though. (and by the way i am a she ;))


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Unfortunately this is entirely hopeless. FBI had to pay a million to just unlock the phone that was not disabled. What do you think these cheap programs can actually do?

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I know, but i DO have my codes, so i can prove it's MY phone. The other FBI cases you mention was without the use of an official code. Its just very frustrating that with all my ID's/codes etc i still can't get in.


You can't bypass the lock time either, so in this case it's even more difficult than the FBI situation.


Isn't there a way to force set the date 24 million minutes from now?


That depends. If the lock time stamp is set before the current time, you may end up with negative remaining time and underflow the countdown, which could be why the phone displays this nonsense time again.


It's funny how Android phones never seem to have this issue.


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I'm confused. So just a recap

- You know your code

- The computer recognizes the device

- You can hook up to itunes

Itunes should just be able to unlock it if you still have a workable screen. Just go to a repair shop and have them temporarily put on a screen and ask if they can transfer the data to your computer for a small fee or is there some other issue that does not let you do that?

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After the repair shop fixed the screen, the screen said 'locked for 24million minutes. So i couldn't re-try. But, i didn't hook in onto a computer / iTunes. I can definitely try that. (before trying i wil the code off the sim card (i can do that on another iPhone) and then fix the screen, and then try again. If this works, would be awesome! (can take a few days before i report back, phone is at home and i am away for work a few days, but will report back!


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