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The April 2014 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features refreshed dual-core i5 and i7 processors, plus slightly increased battery performance.

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Coffee spilt on my MacBook air

Hi guys,

Coffee was spilt on my macbook air which seems to have caused a chain of bad things to happen.

I had left it to dry for 2 weeks and used a friends, while researching how to fix my macbook though I havnt found any answers yet.

When I turned it on the following happens.

1st. The screen is super dim, I can very faintly see the apple logo in the backround but it looks like the backlight is broken, pressing the f2 button does nothing.

2. There is no startup chime.

3. The mag safe light does not come on at all and the macbook will only power up with it attached, even though there is no light on the charger.

3. The fan runs incredibly loud.

Does anyone know of a video or have info that can help.

Thanks guys

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Yip Liquid is no joke specially when its anything besides water. Anything with sugar in it is horrible and will corrode faster. Personally I wouldn't be trying to do it myself with liquid spills. I don't care if I had a step by step tutorial I guess the only way to look at it if you are gonna do it yourself is its already damaged and at the most you will have to get another computer. Again I wouldn't try it myself though not when there are places to send it that specialize in Liquid repairs.


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@thunderstrike ,steven, Stop charging or powering up your device until the coffee/liquid damage is addressed correctly, as you could be shorting out components inside the Macbook. You really should take care of the corrosion that is happening inside the Macbook from the coffee damage as that could be your problem. Tear down link's for your device Link #1&2, disassembly guides will enable you to get inside the Macbook to remove the damage/corrosion caused by the liquid. Use the 3rd link as a guide/instruction on how to clean/repair the device from liquid damage. After this you will be able to power on the Mac and see if further damage has to be addressed. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

MacBook Air 13" Early 2014

MacBook Air 13" Early 2014 Upper Case Replacement

Electronics Water Damage

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Thorough Diagnostic is imperative – Any MacBook that is exposed to liquid requires a thorough inspection, even a small amount of corrosion untreated can cause a system failure further down the road. There is no Easy or Quick Fix for liquid spills.

Power your MacBook down as quickly as possible– Power off your Mac as soon as you discover that it has been exposed to liquid! The vast majority of spills occur when the MacBook is powered on and in use, it is imperative that you fight the urge to dry it off and continue working. Do not attempt to power the MacBook on until you have determined all of the issues.

Unplug any accessories – This one is important, some devices send electrical current back to the Logic Board thus causing more damage. Additionally having any hole available so the liquid can escape from is always a plus.

Dry off any and all external liquid – While it will be nearly impossible for you to dry off any of the internal components so make sure you dry of the outside of your Mac carefully. When drying of the outer parts of your Mac, avoid rolling it around, doing so only cause the liquid to pitch and roll throughout the unit unnecessarily exposing more internal components to the liquid. Finally carefully flip the unit over keyboard side down and allow gravity handle the rest. This will direct the liquid away from the main logic board.

Putting your MacBook in rice may give you a false sense of security. Putting your in rice after MacBook water damage has occurred is said (wish I knew said this nonsense) to dry up the water and prevent any additional damage. Rice does not benefit a water damaged MacBook in any way.

Blow-dryers are Bad idea – Forcing heated air into your make will accelerate the drying process but it will also push the liquid across otherwise dry components exposing more of your MacBook’s critical internal components to the initial spilled liquid, additionally you may melt the keyboards internal membrane and rendering the keyboard useless.

If your Mac has a User serviceable Battery Unplug it. Electricity is the catalyst and accelerates the corrosion process. If your Mac is still on, power down the unit down immediately and remove any power source. If your Mac has a “user serviceable battery” you may want to completely remove the battery, newer MacBooks this is typically not an option

Inspect Keyboard and Track Pad for ANY corrosion or sticky residue – If found a keyboard or track pad replacement is recommended.

Inspect Main LogicBord for any sign of liquid exposure. This should be done with a high powered stereo microscope, each SMD component should be checked for any signs of damage. If damage is found logic board should be cleaned ultrasonically and damaged SMD components replaced.

All display connections and wiring should be throughly inspected, any sign of liquid exposure and the display replacement recommended.

Data Integrity – Data integrity should be checked and re checked. In the vast majority of cases data is not effected. If corrosion is present on SSD or HD replacement is recommended.

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Hey, here is a wiki on how to repair liquid damage: Electronics Water Damage

Good luck! :)

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