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Why has my video screen gone black?

The screen went black several months ago and it has just been sitting around. I found ou that the Nvidia video card was more than likely the problem. I changed out the motherboard and I still have the same problem. Now I am stumped I have no idea how to progress. Any and all help is appreciated.

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This is a very "popular" problem with the ZD7000 with go5700 128MB.

Essentially, it starts with weird artifacts showing up on your screen

from time to time. Then a few times the screen doesn't come up during

boot. Then finally, the screen just DIES, even though you can see everything from an external monitor. HP has not, and will not admit this is a problem.Check to se if its operational on external monitor.. If so it could be the backlight or inverter. I' start with the inverter. You might also try to reseat the connection under the bezel just past the volume control buttons and see if that works.Between the volume control buttons and the display, there is the connection to the display and the motherboard. You remove the upper 2 screws in the back and the screws under the zd in relation to the cover that has the blue buttons on it, then open your screen until it's horizontal, then gently pry the plastic cover with the blue buttons up from the back and push it towards the back until it comes off. Bear in mind that everything is fragile,anything you break is your own doing. You should see, if you managed to do everything correctly, a cable with a plastic handle just past the F5-F8 buttons. That would be the cable that the screen plugs into the motherboard. Just take it off and then put it back on making sure that it is correctly seated. http://www.techsupportforum.com/hardware... Let us know how you are progressing...goodluck

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Do this:

Turn the laptop on and plug/connect the AC adapter. If the power lights/battery indicators are on then:

1. Get a flash light.

2. Shine the flash light at the screen. You may see what you normally see when the laptop is working fine.

If you actually see the images but it is incredibly dim to the point it seems there is no video then you have either a dead CCFL orinverter board. LCD matrices cannot produce their own light, so they require CCFL lamps or LEDs to provide the light to show the image clearly and brightly on the screen.

The best thing to do there is to order an inverter board from ebay using your laptop's model number then the keyboard "inverter" they should not cost much. Replacing the CCFL lamp is not recommended unless you have experience due to the possible mercury found inside. A full LCD replacement would be in order if the new inverter does not fix the problem.


If you notice there is still no image what so ever even flashing the fight at the screen, then connect an external monitor via VGA. If there is no display it is a possibility the new motherboard was or is also dead.

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i publish my then video screen went black but the song was going on

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Have you tried an external monitor? That way you can identify if it is your GPU or your LCD/inverter. What have you tired so far?


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