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APS-C mirrorless digital camera announced in February 2014. The Alpha 6000 can take pictures up to 24.3MP, and video at 1080p60. Also known as the Sony α6000.

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Constantly shutdowns and when turned on, will start up as if new

Sony alpha a6000 randomly shuts down after a few minutes of being on, and when I manage to get it back on it will boot up as if it was factory reset, asking for the date and time.

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Francisco Lomeli , A lot of the forums suggest to make sure your software is up to date. Make sure the battery you are using is charged. The charging indicator may flash if the battery has not been charged in a while, or if it is brand new. If this is the case, remove the battery and then try charging it again. Try another compatible charger or have your's tested for correct power output. If the charging indicator does not flash while charging, then make sure the battery terminal is not being obstructed by any material that may prevent it from charging. Use a ink eraser on a pen if able to clean terminals or Qtip/cloth dampened with 90%+ Isopropyl Alcohol to clean/rid of any corrosion/foreign material on the battery terminals and compartment. Properly insert the battery in the camera and attempt to turn on the camera.

If the camera still does not turn on, perform a manual reset on the camera(4th link has reset procedure). If the issue still persist, use a different battery to see if the issue lies with the battery and not the camera. Find below, trouble shooting, battery removal and Sony contact/trouble shooting links. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Sony Alpha 6000 Troubleshooting

Sony Alpha 6000 Battery Replacement



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