I turned off bluetooth how to enable

I have 1st gen firestick and reg remote and i have firetv app for phone remote downloaded from google play okay my factory remote will not work because I used droid assisted and i turned off bluetooth now I can not use mouse on app remote it only worked on factory remote but i need mouse to click on the tab to enable bluetooth please help I have searched every where but I am afraid to factory restore firestick that app remote will not work because abd be turned off then ill be stuck with a useless device what can I do I tried to install another app mouse but it says my IP address is wrong but its not

I installed cetus play remote and yatus but they could not be set up because it said IP address was wrong

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I'm not a Fire TV owner, but after some reading on XDA (https://forum.xda-developers.com/fire-tv...) I think you should be able to use the Fire TV app from the Play store to fix it.


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