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S8 новейший флагманский смартфон компании Samsung, представленный на Unpacked 2017 в апреле.

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Is this easier to repair than previous models

Being that the soft buttons are no longer attached to the charge port, i would think this would make changing out a charge port easier since no removal of the screen is nessicary, and other than the fingerprint sensor on the back glass with its flex cable, can anyone see why this would be easier or harder than previous models?

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Don't know, guess we will have to wait for the tear down.


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joshr45 , Samsung Galaxy S8 has the charge port attached/soldered to the daughter board, The links below may help you decide if it is easier, the repairman in the video says it is easier. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Teardown


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I work for a repair company i just wanted other opinions on a repairability standpoint, most our parts we order would be the daughter board with charge port included.


joshr45, in that case, definitely looks like an easier repair.


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