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Samsung 40" led broken screen.

Samsung 40" LED broken screen

Model : UA40EH5000R

Verosion No : HS03

S/N: LEXN384D801126W

I'm looking for replacement.

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Sorry, the cost of a replacement screens is often more or the same as buying a new TV these days.

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Due to the Class action law suit on these, if your boards worked and the TV turned on and off, you might do well selling them on eBay as there is a high demand for them. Samsung will only do a replacement of two capacitors and if it goes further than that, they just stick it to the consumer.

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Here's you part number:


Here's a website that sells it:

Cost $551.71 after core charge.

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Now look what the exact same system costs: SAMSUNG UA-40EH5000 LED TV FOR 110-240 VOLTS - $455 US Here you get a new warranty as well!

It's cheaper just to buy a new set ;-{


how much is the screen of the same model


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