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computer runs very slow on internet

my computer runs very slow on the internet

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How fast is your home internet


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Test your internet using https://speedtest.net. Test it on different devices. If your results are faster on other devices, the problem is your laptop. If your other devices are slow too, the problem is your internet or wireless router.

If your problem is internet or wifi router, first ask your service provider about your internet plan. If you have 1-10, that is quite slow. 10-20, decent speed. 30-90 is pretty good, and 100+ is very good. If your own results don't match what they say, your wifi router is no good. Get a better one. Before you do that, unplug power from your modem and router, wait thirty seconds, plug the modem back in wait a minute, then plug the router in.

If the problem is the laptop itself, then try downloading wifi drivers, and restarting it. If that doesn't fix it, replacing​ the wifi card should.

If your not sure what all this means, give me the S/N from the modem, router, and laptop. And the speed test results. I will then formulate a more palatable answer.

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I wanna get very fast wifi, how can I do that

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Start with the speed test. If the download/upload speeds are within 10% of what you are paying for, then your internet is good.

Next, try a different browser. If it runs faster, then clearing the cache and limiting the number of open tabs on your current browser may help.

Then, the problem may be errors on your HDD.

The following are run in a CMD (command) window.

Run CHKDSK to see if there are any errors. search CHKDSK for instructions. I like to run it first without any switch to see if there are errors since it won't tell you if it found/fixed any errors when run on drive C:. If it finds errors, then I run it with the /f switch.

Then run SFC /scannow. That will check system files for errors and most of the time fix them. If it can't fix all errors, then you need to run DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

If it is not fast after all that, then try updating drivers. If using WiFi instead of Ethernet on a laptop, replacing the WiFi module with a newer version may get you faster.

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