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The fourth-generation Surface Pro tablet, released October 26th, 2015.

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Touch screen won't work after screen replacment

I just replaced the screen on my surface pro 4 and everything went smoothly except when I booted it up. It worked fine it showed the display but the touch screen wouldn't work. I've tried disabling the touch from device manager but it wouldn't work.

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how did you resolve this?


Hello together,

I have just exchanged the display of my Surface Pro 4 and the touch does not work anymore.

I have verified the ground connection between the lcd and the L-shaped board from the screen, I have verified that the cables are all pushed in correctly, unfortunately it still does not work.

Do you have any ideea what I should do? Maybe schematics?

Thank you.


Having same problem, after swapping out screen. Transferred the L-shaped board from the old screen. and connectors seems seated ok. Where is the ground connection between this board and the screen, exactly?

I used the same tacky backside that the L-shaped board had, I didn’t need to use new double-sided tape.


I reseated screen ribbons and also the ribbon into the L board (digitizer) and had several odd effects indicating the touch was "almost" working. I left it alone for a few minutes and when I came back it was was working! Not a good feeling. I have nickel pen and silver epoxy from fixing car defogger. I am tempted to glue the digitizer or put a drop of nickel on the mounting hole on the L board that unfortunately does not have a threaded hole to connect to. I have a strange shaped piece of plastic left over. About the size of the erase end of a common pencil. I don't know where it goes.

[edit] I did not glue the new battery and am looking for plastic slide in poster frame edges as I don't want to glue the screen. Any ideas?


Help! After a few minutes, the screen starts shaking. First very little then flickers terribly to were not usable. Then clears up perfectly for a minute or two then goes bad. I disconnected the digitizer but it made no difference. I want back and used artic silver instead of the cheap white stuff. It looks like the screen is the one heating up, not the SP4 system. It has been 60 days since I got the screen. I just read that I should have used an SP5 screen made by LG and not a samsung. Could this be the problem? Everything else is working


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A possible cause is that the short ribbon connectors that go back into the small L shaped board that had to be transferred from your old screen to the new screen. If these ribbon cables are not pushed in far enough or are slightly off the touch will not work or works strangely. I read this on another forum somewhere and can no longer find it but it seems a possible culprit to me.

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This could be a bad screen from the factory or the digitizer cable may not be seated properly, I would suggest opening it back up and reseating that cable and if that fails I would try sending the screen back for a replacement to the company you got it from.

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Check if the LCD touch mainboard is grounded to LCD, there is a conductive glue in back…if not use a tinfoil to make connection…in some case there are some electromagnetic interferences that can prevent operation.

Good luck!

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How do you use tinfoil?


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All above suggestions are 100% correct.

If the touch is still not working give it sometime, maybe 10-15 mins.

I have replaced many Digitizers for Surface Pro 3,4,5,6 and one thing I notice is for some replacements touch wont work immediately and it may take upto 5-10 mins.

Maybe some drivers are being installed in background. Give it a try, Goodluck!

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I am having the same problem after installing new battery and new screen cause i broke it when pulling it. I transferred the digitizer. I tested everything and it worked fine. Then when it got back up the touch screen is faulty. Works one min, not the next. Sometimes it doesn't work in certain spots. I checked the cables a whole bunch of times too. everything was seated correctly. My keyboard type cover doesn't work right if the touch screen IS working and then if I go in device manager and disable the Intel touch Precise control driver all of a sudden the keyboard type cover works fine and the computer operates as normal without touch functions.

I have seen a few comments mention a ground. I put everything back as I saw it when I took it apart, as well as by following the 3 or 4 videos I found on YouTube. Can anyone give me some detailed information on this ground connection because at this point I wiped my surface out from Windows 11 and I am back on Windows 10. I have a new screen and digitizer on the way again and this is maddening.

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What did you do for your tabet I have the same problem


I bought a Surface Pro 5 screen, you will need a converter ribbon SP4 to SP5 screen ribbon. I also put electrical tape to hold the screen on rather than regluing it on or using the screen tape cause Im not convinced it will just work forever lol. I replaced the battery again too while I had it open. Back in June my motherboard died too in the Arizona heat so I bought a broken used Surface and took the motherboard out and I'm running that now.


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Let me resolve your issue

You need to go to device manager,

Click on human interface devices,

You will see a driver with yellow mark (named LCD touch) which needs to be updated.

If still not working, do full updates on windows.

If still doesn’t work your screen is not compatible with the laptop, replace it with different model.

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after a windows random update w10, my touch screen doesn't work, it's not in device manager , even when enabled show hidden , thanks Abdul but you didn't resolve the issue for me


I have also compatebility issue,my HP laptop screen not working after replace ment, shopkeeper said its could not be compatible, use it without touch kindly give some advice.



you can have a look at my comment about the same touchscreen problem here.


Maybe that will help?


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