How to turn on an overheated laptop?

I'm not really sure if it's overheated. I have no idea how to work this out. My laptop was just doing fine until it suddenly turned off while I'm using it. I thought that the charger was unplugged (because i removed the battery and have my charger instead) so i turned it on again and nothing works. The lights indicating that the laptop is on doesn't light up, no sound just nothing. I tried to insert its battery but still the same. How can I fix this? I would love to fix it on my own so that I can save money. Please help me with this. Thank you in advanced.

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If it is really overheating, you don't turn it on until you find out the cause. May be the fan(s) is not working, may be the heat transfer compound needs to be replaced, etc. So many things can be wrong.


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