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Hewlett-Packard began manufacturing personal laptop computers in 1993.

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Splinter stuck in the pinhole of my CD drive.

I was in Barnes & Noble, using a cd from the back of a book I was not going to buy. While using the cd my laptop ran out of power. They did not have a paper clip, so I took a wooden coffee stir and broke off a piece. I was able to open the drive but the wood splinter broke off and is now stuck in the cd drives pinhole. I have tried needle nose players and tweezer and can not get it out. Can any one help?

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Option 1 is to get a very very small drill bit and carefully and slowly drill out the wood. The other option is to remove the disk drive, and take it apart to remove it. But when you open the drive, and turn your laptop upside down, can you see the wood from the other side of the drive or not. If you cant go through procedure 1 or 2 above. If you can use something, like a paper clip to remove it. Also what model is your laptop so i can determine what would be other viable options.

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you can try the following:

Cover the hole with some painter's tape, and break a hole through the pinhole again, make sure the painter's tape is covering the pin hole's surrounding properly.

Next, use wood glue to try and attach another wooden coffee stir to the broken piece in the pinhole. You can use wood glue generously as it can always and easily be peeled off before completely drying hard.

The tricky part will be to create some kind of support for the wood coffee stir stick to hold in place until the glue dries.

You can always substitute for super glue as a quick solution, but if it fails, you can imagine i can have a higher risk of making a mess and even minor damage. Either way super glue is not super risky.

Finally, a last idea is to see if it would stick to play-doh or mounting poster putty tack. Simply roll a small ball of it, lightly press it against the hole, and slowly pull. Poster tack is much better for this as its' consistency is harder, and much superior stickiness to playdoh.

Hope this helps!

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