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Repair and disassembly guides for desktops manufactured by Acer.

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videos are freezing my pc

when i tried to play a movie on my pc, it freezes. i'm using mega codec lite video player.

and my board is acer veriton x4501g, processor i5, 2nd gen, windows 8.1 pro.

it freezes and whole computer strucks for some time. why it is happening. i updated graphic and video drivers and still facing same problem .

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From what the google tells me this PC only has 2gbs of RAM.

It sounds like you may be running out of usable RAM, you should close any programs you aren't using especially when playing 1080p video.

If you press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC you will see the task manager, here you can see all open and running processes on your PC. Make sure you aren't maxing out the "Memory" column, or any for that matter.

You could consider a RAM upgrade, I looked for a guide for this particular mini PC but couldn't find anything, it's usually a simple process, but should be do with care.

Let me know if this helps.

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