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Released by Samsung in March 2016. Model SM-G930.

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After dropping Samsung Galaxy S7 screen is black


I have Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930F phone which has been dropped and has a cracked outer glass (at least it seems it is just the glass but not the LCD). It is still recognized by the computer and top LED and bottom buttons are lit except that the screen is totally black. I thought it is firmware issue so I tried all those combinations to hard reset it , get into recovery mode etc. I even tried to flash stock firmware. But it still remains black. So my question is what are the chances that the actual LCD panel is damaged. But I have never seen a damaged LCD which does not show any signs and just stays black. Usually it shows something even though it is cracked. Thank you in advance.

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Is there a way to recover the data on the phone if the LED is damaged?

Can it either be hooked up to a PC or another phone to move the data without

the primary phones being lit?


I have one too same with Karolis but when my phone was dropped last June 2020, it developed a rainbow on the LCD, minutes after the screen went black. I removed all sim cards as well as the micro sd card just as it went black. I am trying to fix or get a hold of this now April 06 2021 and I can still see the dot sensor that changes light (from green, blue to red) whenever I charge it. My question is that if I were able to repair the phone will my data such as messages, contacts, files, and images be there still? or it will automatically erase all the data saved on the device?


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Karolis, There is a pretty good chance that it is the LCD. What you can try is opening the phone and check/ reseat all the connections and check the board for loose/damaged/burnt components/cracked solder joints and reassemble and try. If all looked good and still no display probable screen assy. replacement required. Below are links to a guide screen replacement and a link to replacement screen possibly(choose your model at the page), you can also do a search for a screen your self for better pricing perhaps. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Assembly Replacement

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The LCD is damaged, you will have to replace it. The way Samsung AMOLEDS are made is even the tiniest crack in the LCD will make it go black and unusable.

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this is the most untrue statement I have seen yet. my s7 has more cracks, chips, and dings then i even imagine humpty dumpty had. Doesnt help that i work construction so this phone has taken quite a beating. That being said will all this damage i still continue to drop this phone quite often, and everytimer i say,"oh no, that was probably the one." much to my surprise its STILL going. and that includes twice down a flight of stairs, once off a ROOF, and a couple times in a bathtub(cracks and all). today was finally the day though. drooped it onto soe pavement getting out of the car, and now having same issues as the question . so i just ask this....whoever answers the question, PLEASE no what you are talkking about before filling peoples heads with TOTALLY made up info....thanks gigabit87898


They said LCD not the screen lmao read more closely before you make a fool out of yourself


LCD = liquid crystal *display*, in other words, the screen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Dunno why we are arguing here, obviously you gotta take apart the phone to replace the display, might as well check to make sure its connector didn't come loose before buying the replacement.


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I have a Galaxy S7 with pretty much the same symptoms, but:

- the phone was subject to a substantial shock

- no cracks in the display

- using power- and volume-down button to restart will show a green bar with random spots for about 0.5s near the right edge of the glass

- message led turns on during reboot

- bottom lights turn on for minutes

- touch is working: tactile feedback when I enter the code, but phone seems not to boot into normal mode. It is possible that the password was miss-typed too many times and the phone requires the PIN now - impossible to enter without display

If anyone repaired an S7 such symptoms I would like to see a comment here. What was the result of the other persons publishing those problems here? Were you able to repair?

I managed to make a still out of a movie showing the display during boot:

Block Image

(Sorry for the bad image - this was pretty hard to capture…)

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My S7 front glass is in perfect condition. It hasn't been chipped or cracked in any way. It has always been in a two layer protective case and the screen went black after falling off a coffee table while charging. The screen responds to touch as if it is displaying but remains black. The bottom buttons all work and a friend was able to put it in a voice mode where it tells you what buttons you press when you press one. I've tried all button combos to reset/reboot/restart it, and I've even gone so far as to completely replace the motherboard, which didn't improve the situation. Should I flash the firmware, Oden? Is there a connection that I need to check? Do I have to get a new LCD? Please help if you know something that I should be doing or any troubleshooting that I haven't tried


Same here, same flickering greenish part of the screen.

Did u manage to solve this? Without changing screen? Plz comment


Same here. Drop it and then half display worked and after few days totally black. Phone looks still working and I can call to it and its ringing. Could it be that only display connector moved our from socket?


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