Cannot boot - grey blank screen & keyboard does not work


Since two days I am trying to boot my Macbook Air 2012 from USB and I cannot pass the blank grey screen in the beginning. There is no Apple logo just a grey screen. I tried to use various key combinations (recovery mode etc.) but no keyboard input does work. It simply nothing happens and I stick to the grey screen forever. I also did a SMC reset with the battery disconnected.

For some time I tried to find solutions for my "grey screen of death" problem but nothing worked. I should also mention that my Macbook is victim of the Toshiba SSD problem and my SSD does not work anymore properly. I am using the PNY StorEDGE SD Card Storage and I boot from this storage.

Thank you for your help already! Hopefully you can give me some advice.


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What happened to the SSD drive?


And is there any other history? Liquid spilled onto it? Any previous repair or repair attempt by someone?


There isa problem with the Toshiba SSDs in the Macbook Air 2012 and they just stopped working. It shows me in the interface just the 33KB Sandforce Controller. Apple had an extended repair program for that notebook till 2016 regarding the SSD.

No other history. Just the broken SSD and the try to install OSX instead of the SSD on a SD Card Storage.


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