SSD adapter- needs an adapter?


recently I had a customer come in with a mac book air pro A1466/ the MOB is damaged. she is a student so she need the data to be recover from the SSD. I bought that adapter, for correct year model and pin connectors. Now that i have the SSD adapter, it seems as that needs some kind of adapter from that ssd adapter! AH! any suggestions helpful place to find what I'm looking for would be GREAT! TY!


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The exact machine model needs to be given (there are 9 A1466 models) and what adapter you got to do the job.


What adapter did you get? It should just have a usb cable coming out of it. If it has a long and a short connector at the end, you would need to get a sata to usb connector then or plug it into a mac to recover the data.


@cam2363 You might want to be careful when adding you two cents worth in on a question I have responded to or risk getting flamed. Just what USB cables are you talking about? All these machines use a blade. So your comment shows your lack of knowledge of what you are talking about. I had already asked for the information about what adapter he used..


@mayer Usb cable? Isnt there adapters that directly take the blade to usb. There are m.2 to usb which are similar to this type. Here is an example of what I was referring to


Apple proprietary! OWC makes Envoy cases that will work but you have to know the exact model to get the correct one for that year.


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