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Released June 2011, identified by model number MB870

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How could I fix a bad mic, and where could I get a new logic board?

So I have 3 droid x2s here with different problems. One has a bad mic, one is completely dead, and one is stuck on the boot logo and will not go into recovery. How could I fix them? I think the mic is soldered to the logic board, could I solder another one? Also where could I get a logic board for the second one? Looked on eBay and ifixit and couldn't find one. Last question, is there a way to re-flash the os on the bootlogo one?

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Can't get this phone in the UK (as far as I know), so most is speculation;

1. If the mic is soldered, you should be able to buy a new one and solder this, or desolder and swap from the dead phone.

2. If this model is not in demand (for parts as well), it will be very difficult to find a board. Only way to get one, unless you are lucky, is to buy a second hand phone with faults unrelated to the board. Best bet is to use the 1st phone as a template and try to figure out the issue without a schematic.

3. You should be able to reflash the OS using ODIN, ADB or whatever the Motorola equivalent is.

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I just took apart one and the mic is actually not soldered to the logic board, and it's part of the screen. I think the Motorola equivalent is called RSD lite, I tried to use it once and couldn't figure it out at all.


Nice, you could probably just swap the whole screen from the dead one (presuming it is working), unless you can get the mic out without trying to remove the screen from the chassis. I have no idea with RSD, have only ever used ODIN a couple of years ago to flash some Samsungs, find a tutorial and you should be able to figure it out :)


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