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Model A1225 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2.4, 2.8, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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iMac 24 (silver) LCD Panel replacement

Hello everyone!

I have to replace my LCD Panel in my iMac 24' (silver). As you know original LG lcd is expensive comparing it to the iMac's price.

Do you know if I can find any replacement for the originall LCD Panel in cheaper price?

Thanks for answers, Best


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Please give us the last three letters of your serial number so we know exactly which machine you have. Thanks


This is my serial, and I also leave you LCD Panel symbol:

Serial: W88170VKZE4

LCD Panel specs.: LM240WU2-SLB2

Thanks a lot! Looking forward to hearing from you.



Apple iMac "Core 2 Duo" 2.8 24-Inch (Early 2008) Specs

Identifiers: Early 2008 - MB325LL/A - iMac8,1 - A1225 - 2211


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It appears the part number you need is 661-4431. Prices vary wildly, from $450 to $699 appears to be average on a web search.

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I guess I am lucky last week 3 days after my Apple care ran out I discovered a vertical dark line in the left side of of my display running from top to bottom. I took it to an Apple store and they replaced the 24" LCD Display panel. The cost of the part # 661-4431 is $487.50 and the labor is $39.00. I did not have to pay a cent.

I just love Apples,


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