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The LG G4 was released in the US in early June 2015, as always focusing on high-end specifications and a refined fashion sense that makes it stand out in the premium smartphone market. Each version of the phone will have a different model number based on if it is sold by a carrier or unlocked (US or International). Some LG G4's are known to have bootloop problems.

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How to make my phone work again?

My phone suddenly died. I was working normally on my phone then it suddenly went black.

The phone won't turn on again, and there is no indication of life at all.

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Have you cheaked your battery ?


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Few things to try:

  • Verify that your phone has a sufficient charge.
  • Connect your original charger to your phone.
  • After a few minutes, try to turn on your phone. If it doesn't work, try another charging cable. Try mains and USB charging.
  • Verify that your phone, charging port, and battery contacts are not damaged.
  • Carefully inspect your phone's charging port and remove any debris.
  • Remove the battery.
  • Carefully clean and inspect the gold contacts on both the battery and on your phone.

Attempt a forced restart of the phone.

  • Press and hold the Power key for 30 seconds.
  • If the phone starts to power on, release the Power key.

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My phone works but doesn't go past the logo, it will then either stay stuck there or restarts itself


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