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Released by Nikon in January 2014, the Coolpix L830 is a compact digital camera designed to provide powerful zoom with simple operation.

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Why are my pictures 'overexposed'

I'm having an intermittent problem of almost complete white-out of pictures taken outside. Tried all settings, exposure compensation, flash, etc and there seems to be no consistency or fix.



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If you've been playing around with different settings, this may be the issue. I had been at my granddaughter's swim meet, taking photos in the darker indoor pool area, and kept trying different settings to make it work. On the way home, the stormy sky was beautiful, but every time I tried a photo, I got very overexposed shots. Even on this dramatically cloudy day, when I wanted to capture those wonderful cloud formations, they just disappeared into a white sky. Very disappointing. I tried different settings, but nothing worked. I was obviously missing something. Weeks later, at home, I was trying for some dramatic still life shots indoors for a painting, and got nearly black photos. Finally, I decided to try a reset. IT WORKED!!!

In your camera menu area, on the far left, you have a camera symbol, a video camera symbol, and a wrench. Go to the wrench, press OK, then press down until you get to "reset all." This takes your camera back to it's original settings. Mine now works very well.

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Holding down wrench only opened the choices of Conformity Marking or Firmware Version.


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