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iPod Classic 6th Generation. Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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What are the upgrade limits of each generation of the iPod classic?


First ever time posting on here!

Collectively i have learnt lots from articles and questions before on here so hopefully someone will have an answer for me..

I am in the process of upgrading an iPod 7th generation to use an SDXC memory source with the help of an iFlash board. I am aware of iTunes related limitations with the older generations and wondered if anybody has information on what limits Apple installed onto each logic board variant.

For example I am reliably informed that iTunes will tend to only detect upto {50,000 songs or 120GB even if the new storage memory is say 250+GB}.

Simply the internet tells me that the 7th generation 160GB seems to not be limited and you can see lots of example on Ebay of models with storage of 500+GB.

And before anybody suggest it, no I don't want to use Rockbox :)



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from my own experience:

gen 1 - doesnt work (firewire)

gen 2 - doesnt work (firewire)

gen 3 - up to 256gb cf card (must transfer/restore over usb)

gen 5 - 1tb

gen 6/7 - 2 tb

currently running an i flash quad w 4 512gb tf cards,in a 160gb thin (gen 7) ipod works fine w itunes and the stock os as well as w rockbox

gen 6 has a limit of 128gb when restored w itunes, can be overcome by after restoring wiping all partitions and repartitioning whole ipod as a fat32 drive and installing rockbox, however if you accidentally plug it in w the holdswitch on itll crash and you will have to recopy all data


Sorry, I realize this is an old post but any idea about the gen 4? I've got one with a dead HD and considering upgrading it. I want to put as much storage in it as possible but don't want to pay for extra storage it wont see/use.


I have successfully installed 256GB in my gen 4 using a hdd to cf adapter and microsd cf card! No finagling required, it just works.


Awesome thanks for replying to this old thread!


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I recently upgraded an iPod 7th Gen that had a physically damaged HDD. I used an iFlash-Solo and a PNY Elite Performance 256 GB High Speed SDXC Class 10 UHS-I, U3 memory card. My understanding is that the iPod doesn't recognized more than this and the one I did only showed 229GB as available even though it had a 256GB memory card.

It performs very well.

Block Image

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I seriously doubt iOS for the iPod takes 10-20GB. While I believe that you could push the memory even further, I would also not use eBay as evidence of anything ;>).

Tarkan also sells a dual-card board which would be needed to push this thing to 1TB.

You should comment on the answers rather than add answers to your own question. It makes things easier to follow because with time your question may generate lots of responses.


Fancy adapter, but for future reference here are a few other options:

CF to SD + ZIF to SD


ZIF to mSata




Sorry Minho- Commenting now.


Hi George,

Decent suggestions -

Ive looked at the first two options before and the costs worked out near enough the same as SDXC upgrades. Ones I'm targeting are 256gb FYI.

Something I hadn't seen before though is that ZIF SSD - didn't even know they existed! Shame the price is so steep, even without the need of a tarkan board its still cheaper to do an SDXC upgrade - providing you get a good deal on your cards.

Plenty of time on nightshifts to scour the internet this evening - It appears anything built in the 6th -6.5 generation era is subject to LBA28 addressing which is the cause of the limit with using iTunes. The latest 7th Gen and any generation before the 6th Gen are subject to LBA48 addressing which does not give a limit - APPARENTLY. No idea what this is referring to or why it causes problems.

Only way ill prove it is by testing this theory when my parts arrive in couple of days. Perhaps ill bore you all with the results.


Minho, you lose about 16-20 GB from formatting. The rest must be firmware.


Greg, as you can see in Minho's answer, the 7th gen iPod supports most of his 256GB card. Those lost gigabytes are likely because of mentioned above.


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Yeah I have completed one already and had similar numbers as yours. I suspect its more the size of the firmware that goes onto takes up a fair chunk and then the true memory value being maybe 10-20 GB less than advertised on most cards.

I know that the 7th Generation can go higher than this though - Ebay is evidence of this. I saw one guy had made a 1TB version! See the picture LOL!

Tarkan's page lists some compatibility details but not much. Basically my friend wants to do his 6.5 Gen 120gb version and I'm unsure whether it will work or be limited if that makes sense at all.

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the storage limit from what I have learned is very subjective to how big you music files are

for the 7th gens (thin 160GB) it tends to be within a range of 750GB-2TB depending on what you load it up with

6th gens are weird because they look identical to 7th gens but their storage font on the back is bigger and they won't do anything more than 128GB

for the 5th gens they tend to like 256GB but people have put more into them but like I said its all about the music you put into them

4th gens like smaller storages because of their age so anything around 64GB should work

there are what I would consider to be safe amounts of storage ,its quite hard to pinpoint what the actual limits are because different people get away with different amounts but from this point in time that seems to be about the average for these popular models

so take what you want from it :-)

Thanks :-)

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I also bought from EBay a 1tb 7th gen for silly money It works but think it’s pushing it way too far, these devices were never designed to cope with so much stuff. It crashes a lot. Not bad when listening but syncing new stuff can take time . The mod via Iflash on the 5th gen which is so much easier to take apart took 10 mins with no damage to case unlike the first time I replaced battery on a 7th gen.

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i upgraded my 7th gen to 2 TB works well once a month it will reset then works get. use this link from Geek Tour on youtube . he show clip points ,use exact knifes shape like spade to open ,take only 4-5 minutes no damage


Built a second 7th gen to 1.5 TB works solid as a rock!


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When using a micro SD make sure your adapter is not an old one - designed for old cheap electronics etc. SDHC I think is essential but please check before you start an upgrade to memory.

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This subject need some definition: I invite you to visit the Troubleshooting section @ this vendor (I have no interest into those products and yes, I bought a couple of those cards)


On this site you also find in depth information such as iPod Generation Compatibility here

As a footnote I also like to point the Red X screen for failing to Open the Device: it happened to me using a ZIF SATA card and it should be clear that this issue is coming because of some mistakes made on connecting the card, either by a faulty ribbon or as I was able to verify, just because I thought the ribbon's contacts on the the card had to face downward toward the card, while it worked only if I reversed it. To double check it you should reboot the iPod (press MENU + SELECT) and quickly enter the diagnostic mode (press BACK<< + SELECT) go to Manual Test / I O / and verify you can actually open the storage device: if it fails to open you have a probable chance of a defective ribbon, or you have to check it is actually inserted correctly both on the motherboard and in the card.


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To make it clear:

* we have one limit that conforms to the iPod generation coming from a function of the iTunes database size and the memory (RAM) on the iPod motherboard, not the available space to record the files. This variable also depends on the dimensions of the tracks' files and associated metadata, up to a maximum of 50000 tracks

* as Greg is mentioning above the LBA28 or LBA48 is limiting the addressable size of the storage and particularly only the 6th Gen supports just 128GB at the maximum unless you use the original 160GB HD


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Here you will find a clear exposition for each iPod Classic Generation and the storage limitations.

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Usin an ipod classic 6gen, i just cant see the benefits spending those costs on pretty expensive storage cards (not the sdxc small ones but those 'çasette'look a like cards.
There realy expensive and while my 6g is capped at 137Gb with a gen7 160gb hdd into it, it just does not get full.
I do not use space for videos since the screen is too small for videos so as music storage what is the benefit ? you guys really got 1Tb illegal mp3 files (that by itunes got capped at 128kbps as standard) stored on those devices?
I mean.. where do you find that amount of illegal mp3 in modern days of streaming culture?

It looks more like driving Porches to a wallmart daily job or such thing....
LOOK i got the biggest one! (Mostly appears to be smallest but whatever...)

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To the person above me: those of us who enjoy lossless audio would strongly disagree with your sentiment. Lossless audio files are much larger than standard files, and 1TB is hardly enough for an entire library(built over the last decade+) of lossless audio.

I started my iTunes library in 2004-2005 and have migrated those files to each new PC over the years, so I have almost 20 years worth of music that easily surpasses 1TB in size.


You're wondering why people got libraries with hundreds or thousands of books? Because they can and collect these!

I myself got more than a hundred movies on Blu-Ray and I began rather "late" in 2012, when Amazon (Instant) Video and Netflix Germany weren't so far around the corner.

Because I like to collect movies that I like and a lot of these are steelbooks for example; and a small detail might be that the audio offered by Netflix etc. is often rather poor quality compared to BD versions.

I also got a large collection of audio plays (these are a big thing here in Germany and series like "TKKG" and "Die drei ???" - The German adaption of "The Three Investigators" both got more than 220 episodes since >40 years now and still going on also with spin-offs, audiobooks read by famous people, live tours and movies) and I got some CDs of them but often borrowed them from the local public library and ripped these to FLAC (so losless for archiving and convert them to MP3 with 320 kbps for the playback devices).


And some people got thousands of movies on DVD/Blu-Ray and started to get them out of their cases (store them in their basement) and put the discs into storage carousels like these: https://www.geeky-gadgets.com/useful-gad...

Sony even offered CD Players like that that could handle up to a whopping 400 CDs (CDP-CX455), labelled as "MegaStorage", basically like a Jukebox, AFAIK it was even possible to connect two of these units, so you could control these without switching around.

And these were introduced in the late 90s, when MP3 wasn't a big thing.

IMHO a choice for BGM in places like restaurants or even for "stationary" DJs.

Oh and don't ask for tape libraries, these things exist!


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