Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это маленькая версия iPhone 6 Plus с 4.7-дюймовым экраном.

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iPhone 6 apparently dead after replacing battery and screen.

First off, I'm a complete idiot and probably caused long screw damage in either one or both of the bottom screw holes. But from what I've read about LSD, it should only cause the backlight to stop working, right? Maybe the display?

This phone seems completely dead as it's not recognized by iTunes, and gives no response to power regardless of whether the battery is actually plugged in.

I don't feel it getting warm either, but I guess that could be explained a couple different ways.

My questions are:

1. Can LSD cause a dead device as described?

2. If not, where would I be looking for damage specifically? I don't see anything broken or missing, and I don't think I damaged anything else.

I'm just hoping that by a miracle I haven't caused LSD and I'm just missing something (possibly easier to fix).

So far my first iFixit repair has not gone well. :( Now I've spent $100 on stuff I have no use for, and ruined a working 64 GB phone in the process.

Is there any way I can return the parts? The replacement battery probably isn't worth the trouble, but the screen should have some value, right? I haven't even taken the plastic off it yet. I just have no use for it unless I can find another iPhone 6 with a cracked screen. This one was given to me in great condition. I don't really want to spend $250 on a beat-up one from eBay.

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Just an update, I put the old battery and screen back on after a few months of just sitting, and IT CAME BACK ON.

Now, I HAD tried this before, even letting it sit/removed the battery etc.

Anyway, after a lot more troubleshooting and part swapping, I determined that it was the battery at fault the whole time. I emailed iFixit and they took care of me with a new battery that works perfectly.

Although, touch ID doesn't work anymore, even though it's the same home button. Not a huge deal; probably my fault.


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Ok, I wouldn't really advise buying on eBay. It just doesn't sound like a good idea. Alright, so you can't get the phone back on, with a new display and battery? Have you tried installing the display and connecting it with charger cord, without the battery present? It should show a flashing Apple logo. If not, maybe you've fried the Lightning dock? That's a possibility. Or the u2ic. That's a possibility as well. Did you lsd cause the phone to completely stop? I would say no, but I would also say I wouldn't rule anything out. Get back at us. We'll help. Also we don't work for iFixit. We're volunteers that help the community. If you want to try a return you'll want to contact


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Thank you both, but sadly I have already tried booting it with the battery unplugged, powered with only a lightning cable (which I tested on another device). I also tried leaving it plugged into to charge overnight, but it didn't help.

Where would I look for damage to see if the "lightning dock" is fried? And from what I can tell, the u2 ic is mounted on the underside of the logic board, so I couldn't have damaged that as I didn't remove the board.

Thank you for the support link. I hope I don't have to try it.

Also, where do you suggest buying a new iPhone? To be honest, I'd rather get the long screw damage repaired than buy a new phone, but I'm afraid that LSD isn't the only problem it's having.

I was in a rush to get the phone repaired for my brother's birthday, but I had to suspend the repair part of the way through, and when I got back I had forgotten that one screw that was slightly longer, because the other screw is obviously longer, and I just assumed it was the only one I needed to worry about.


The u2ic interfaces between the Lightning dock and the battery. Yeah...wish you had contacted us earlier. You could just leave that screw out. No one would know. Having lsd repaired...I wanna saw $200 at iPad rehab. They're like the best in the biz. I haven't done it yet. But I've been thinking about trying to perfect that technique. Buying a new phone? You sound adolescent, which is fine I wish I still was. Chasing girls..outside.. Back to work. You'll want to try craigslist. Call the meeting in a public place. If you're a teenager and don't want to bring your parents. You should. Or you could bring like eight of your friends. Stranger danger, dude. Stranger danger. When buying a new iPhone log into the "new" phone with YOUR Apple ID and password. Test the finger print scanner. And check the imei number. I use swappa frequently. For bad esn. That means someone was delinquent on their bill or the phone has been lost or stolen. Don't show any money until you've completed all these things


Perhaps not adolescent by age (23) but certainly adolescent by everything else.

I read in another thread that flowing some flux into the screw holes and heating it up can help fix it. It sounds a little too easy to be true. Could attempting something like that cause problems for if I decide to send it to iPad Rehab? Is it even worth a try?

As dumb as I sound, I feel like with enough patience, I could do the micro soldering to fix the LSD myself. Is this completely idiotic of me to even consider?

Thanks for the purchasing advice too.


Yeah, I'm 34 an act 14. No, that doesn't sound plausible. Gotta be hoax. Dude, everything is easy, if you know what you're doing. Don't feel bad, we must all ride the learning curve. Yeah, you could make this worse. That's definitely a thing. I've done it. For sure


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Depending on the hole and on the extent of damage, long screw damage can actually kill the iPhone and prevent it from booting.

If it is only the display, it would be "no display," and not "no backlight." You can tell by plugging it into a computer with iTunes (and battery connected of course) and see if it is recognized within a minute or so. If yes, you damaged the left screw hole or something else on the display circuit. If nothing shows up, it could be more the other two screw holes or you killed something else during the repair. You'll need micro soldering tools, good skill, and two right hands (or two left hands if you're a lefty) to successfully repair long screw damage on an iPhone 6. Good luck.

Of course, like iMedic said, you could coincidentally have a failed USB IC (aka U2 IC) failure. Or it could be your lightening connector that failed for some reason. Possible, but less likely.

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I agree with iMedic. Try without battery it's best idea. New batteries can be defective or with no charge at all. You might have to leave it on charge for an hour or so till it turns on.

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