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Model M2453 or M6411 / 300, 366, or 466 MHz G3 processor

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Question about installing airport card?

Ok so I went to put the airport card into this computer, and I couldn't figure out if I am supposed to clip that metal part OVER the airport card, or lay it underneath. Was metal wirey thing meant to hold in the airport card? I did get it in there like that but it made the keyboard slightly bulgy because it sticks up a little. I also have another problem. The screw in the middle on the keyboard is completely stripped and I can't get it out again. Also is there a way to figure out if that mac recognized the airport card? I have AT&T Uverse and I cannot go online with it so far with the airport card. Our AT&T is not wireless though so that may be why. Is there something special I have to use/test this? I know Starbucks has wifi so maybe tomorrow I should just go there and try it?

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Google Clamshell service manual and select the pdf download from powermedic. Good luck.


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The middle screw on the KB (near the F5 key) activates a lock the keeps the KB secure by moving a plastic tongue outwards and under the edge of the top case. Don't worry about it.

The wire bail for the Airport Card should be positioned so that the bends nearest the hinges exert pressure on the Card's edge to force it into the direction of its socket. The bends furthest from the hinges should contact and push against the metal spacer that's under the Ethernet ID sticker.

Re the Airport Card being recognized, you will see a fan shaped icon at the top of your screen after you reboot. Click on it to start activating the Card. If you don't see it, the Card's not recognized. BTW, you should insert the Card so that the Airport decal faces down.

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