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Galaxy tablet lite variation released in January 2014. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite is a lightweight and easy-to-use tablet.

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My samsung galaxy tab3 model-sm-t116ny is in Reboot Loop

I was trying to flash twrp for my Samsung galaxy tab 3 using TWRP manager app downloaded from play store.I got some error in between,and it asked me to reboot, Since then it has been contionously looping.

I am not not able to enter download mode or recovery mode using volume up + power + home buttton,tried all the combinations, nothing seems to work.

And also when my phone boots up,i see a red excalamation mark at top left,can someone tell me what does that mean and how to fix my phone.

Even tried connecting to power chord and pressing power +volume buttons.

Please help am a nubie.

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I also received an error when trying to install TWRP. Then when I try to turn on the recovery mode when I perform hard reset on the device, the boot up screen appears and there is an exclamation point on top. If the event is the same, if you are root with Odin do the same thing again. However, to open the loading screen with Odin, Release tablet and wait for the charge to finish. When the charge is over, do the necessary combination for the Odin. If you are not root with Odin, contact me. I use translations so mistakes can be found. And my device is t113.

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That problem occured because either u have flashed wrong file or you have not unlocked your bootloader . try flashing the proper file, if that doesnot work.

Try this :

Go to download mode (volume down +power button +home button) . if you had rooted your device with Odin do the same thing again, repeat the same process download same file and flash it again . This will solve the problem.

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Salam alaikoum. I am from Iraq and I have been able to increase my knowledge of the maintenance of mobile phones and the latest designs and thank you

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