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Why is fan sound's loud and my MacBook Pro is heating much?

I dropped my macbook few days ago and since then the sound of the fan is noticeable loud and annoying, also it is heating up so very much.

Please help me out here!!!

One more thing, before it dropped down to the floor, I accidentally did kick it -strongly- by my elbow on the left bottom edge.

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Sounds like you may have damaged your fan. It may be binding from the fall. You will need to open your machine to examine what the case is. Here's how to get to it: MacBook Pro 15" Unibody 2.53 GHz Mid 2009 Fan Replacement

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Many thanks. The link is so useful and helpful, I just need to get the necessary tools and get myself started!


I recently replaced my fan because it was making a louder than usual noise. Apple performed an earlier repair for an unrelated matter and had substituted one of the three fan mounting screws with a different type. Luckily I found a screwdriver that fit (not perfectly but good enough) and was able to remove it.

In the end it is an easy fix if you have some manual dexterity skills. Just be patient, keep track of the screws and where the belong (draw a diagram and place the screws accordingly) and don't force anything. The screws are very small an can be easily stripped.



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