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Toyota's 7th generation pickup, but first generation of the Tacoma branded truck designed specifically for the American market. Featured brand new sheet metal, new frame, fresh suspension and three new powerful engines.

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Oil leak above or in oil filter housing

I have a 1999 toyota tacoma 2.4L 2WD SR5 and its got an oil leak coming from above the oil filter housing or from the gasket inside it...whats the best way to approach that??

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@chrisbekream based on the information you have provide you engine should be a 2RZ-FE I4 model. Right now everything will be a guess until you find out exactly where the oil comes from. there is not a whole lot going on near the oil filter. Change the oil filter and check around the oil pressure switch as well as making sure the valve cover is not leaking on that side. Also check for the oil cooler and make sure it's not coming from there. Best you can do is to either steamclean the engine or use a engine degreaser/cleaner and clean the complete engine. Then try to isolate where it is leaking.

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