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A 10.1" Android Internet tablet released in 2014 by NuVision. Its key features include 1280 x 800 Display, WiFi, Bluetooth®, micro USB, mini HD, headphone jack and two cameras.

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Item will not reboot even though I pushed the Volume and Powerbutton

As stated... I was to hold down the power and volume button for 10 seconds. I did.. Screen stays black. Then you say, Once the tablet turns on it enters the Reboot screen. Does the tablet turn on by itself??? or am I suppose to turn it back on? -- then Scroll down to “Wipe Data/Reset”. When I turn the pad on myself, all I get is - the beginning screen of NuVision, then the intel inside screen and it stays stuck there---Cannot get down to “Wipe Data/Reset”. HELP!!!

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The volume up and down works like arrow keys and the power button is used to select key.

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