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The Electrolux AEG FM72 is a hand-held "dustbuster" style vacuum by AEG-Electrolux.

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Showing it is charging, but no powder. Does not switch on.?

no power when switched on

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Denice Terink, Find below a disassembly guide link that you can use to disassemble the hand vac. and test/inspect switch/components with a DVOM to determine if bad, check wires/connections for being loose/burnt /broken, test replace batteries if not holding a charge. Also check charger contacts for corrosion/damage and check charger out put with DVOM to see that it is in deed working. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

AEG Electrolux FM72 Disassembly for cleaning

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Had the same problem, charging but not working. When I disassembled found that the area underneath the on/off switch, HA-703X, was getting hot. Because of the accumulated dust in the switch the contact was not fully made when pressed and the dirt with the efect of humidity was acting like a resistor and blocking the current to flow freely and getting self heated instead. Searched the net for replacement unit but no use. Soaked the switch with WD42 several times and kept it soaked for some time, now it is working. But I am not sure for how long that will last. Still looking for a replacement switch.

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