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Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 Android smartphone was announced on September 2014.

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Phone has Bad charging port

I was wondering if a charging port of one of the galaxy's on this site might work for my phone.

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Which galaxy?


Thought it was in the post, it asked those question, but it's a samsung mega 2


No what other galaxy?


What model number is on the sticker label in the battery compartment behind the phone?

Should be something like GT-N7182.


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iFixit doesn't carry parts for the Mega 2. And only mega 2 ports will work in the mega 2.

The link below is for where you can purchase the port.


Not sure which provider you have but there are the charging ports.

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OP: Are you sure the charging port is at fault, is it physically damaged?

Just an extra note. The charging ports on these logic boards are all soldered on meaning that it will require micro soldering to desolder the charging port and solder a new one on.

So my recommendation is taking it to a mobile phone repair shop that replaces / repair charger ports as this is not an easy thing to do particularly on this phone.


@benjamen50 Isn't it a seperate part? Did you look at my link? Or is that for the Galaxy Mega not the Mega 2?


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