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The Visual Land Prestige Elite 8Q is an 8-inch Android tablet produced by Visual Land.

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How can I take this tablet apart? Speaker is loose

The speaker seems loose. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. If we tap the back lower right corner it starts working sometimes. But if we move the tablet at all, it stops all sound.

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i would always suggest taking it to a professional for a diagnostic or repair, since Electronics repair is a very precise skillset, so before you begin, i suggest ensuring you have steady hands, and at least a small history in handling electronic boards and components.

Acquire the following tools

- Philips PH00 Screwdriver

- Nylon Pry tool, and/or Guitar pick (Interchangable)

- Anti Static mat (To prevent ESD)

- Anti Static Gloves, or Cuff (To prevent ESD)

-Start by finsing any compartments for SD or SIM Card, and removing them.

-Continue to look for any screws on the back or sides. (Companies like to hide them under stickers to make sure warranties arent void. so be sure to get them all if they exist. Some devices have zero screws, and rely on adhesive, or clips.

-Find the seam, where two parts of the device meet. USUALLY not the glass seam, but two plastic parts. get your pry tool in there and start digging for clips. This becomes much easier with a little bit of experience, but a first timer may have issues. i prefer to start NEAR a corner, but not in th ecorner, then pop that corner out, continuing down the seam until it comes out. Be sure not to cause damage to the board, or other components while you are prying the plastic off.

-Turn over the screen, and the board is attached to it. removing the board makes everything else easier, so i suggest this.

-Remove the speaker, and reseat it. Reassemble the device in the same way you disassembledit.

This guide assumes that it is actually a loose speaker, and no a crackling speaker, as that would need a replacement

I hope this helps.

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