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My laptop is getting slower and slower, help please!

Hi, I have a laptop 'Acer Aspire 5820T Timelinex' and I bought it back in 2010 in Italy. Today I own 3 more laptops but 5820T is special for me! I want to keep it forever, I tried to maintain its OS and it's pretty clean software wise. The thing is, it is getting very very slow, and yesterday, after 7 years, I disassembled my laptop and I found out that it had too much dust, I cleaned the 95% of it but it is still very very slow and I am pretty sure that it is hardware problem, so any help would be great and if my laptop needed new parts, I would be happy to replace.

P.S. an hour ago, laptop over heated quite a lot

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Consider making a fresh install of your OS.

If that doesn't help upgrade maybe the CPU the RAM and add a nice SSD.

Finally reapply thermal paste to the cpu

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