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Repair guides and support for motorcycles manufactured by the German motor group, BMW.

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bmw 2004 R1150rt I replaced clutch- went back together- not working.

04 r1150 rt.

bike has 57k miles on it, I replaced clutch- spring-plate, lubed splines.

went back together fine, but! Its not working, not going into gear.......................

Could the rod, from the clutch slave cylinder, to the clutch be in backwards?

Seemed like it went in only 1 way.

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The push rod should only go in one way, the longer shank into the clutch “spring”, and the stubby nub into the bearing on the output cylinder. Changing the felt sleeve is a nice finishing touch on this job, but wouldn’t effect clutch engagement/disengagement. Another “bad clutch” symptom on these bikes are the drive shaft. The damping vulcanized rubber that holds the inner sleeve and the outer sleeve of the drive shaft together separates from the inner, leaving the outer spinning and the inner doing nothing. To check this, a careful eye looking up the inside of the cardan tube (swing arm) wall to see of there’s rubber “spatter” where the end of the outer tube is.

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