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Repair guides and support for iRulu tablets.

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Updated Windows 10, drivers have now vanished (Irulu Walknbook W2)

Hi All,

Windows 10 was working fine then performed a large update. Since then I lost almost all of my device drivers - the OS didn't even recognise the battery!

After hours of searching I now have found most drivers, but I cannot find ones for my Camera or Touchscreen. Device manager is showing 4 "unknown device" so maybe I'm missing other stuff too.

The Irulu driver page doesn't help as nothing is labelled, does anyone here know which drivers I need and more importantly where to find them?

Thanks in advance all.

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irulu ax101 firmware


It is NOT worth buying a Tablet whose manufacturer is not responsible for the system that carries the device. IF for whatever you need technical assistance, make sure you buy from a manufacturer that really supports you. The experience of the support has been bad, and a tablet without the system can not work. All manufacturers have on their pages the systems of their devices to reload if it fails or malfunctions. Irulu only has the last month or year. If you are going to use the tablet for less than a year, maybe it lasts for you, but if the purchase is going to be longer, my advice is that you buy from another manufacturer. It is not worth buying a product that has no support and you know you can not use it more than a limited time. Irulu is the worst place to buy


hi jamie,

can you also find the W1005 driver, i miss that touch driver...i cann't find it coz that website is down


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Windows automatically installs drivers. 99% of the time you won't have to install drivers on your device. Does the touch screen work? If not, try installing some generic drivers. Same for the webcam. The webcam should work. On the unknown devices, click properties, driver, install driver.

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Hi George, thanks for your prompt reply.

I'm afraid that I am the 1% in this case. The update fried almost all drivers from my walknbook. I also tried a full system restore but that just brought windows back to where it was AFTER the major update! Thanks Microsoft.

I tried right clicking on device manager to update drivers but it finds nothing. After lots of messing about searching from device & vendor IDs (from device manager) I have managed to get sound, graphics and SD card back up and running -the mouse, keyboard and WiFi were the only things not lost through this update.

Can you please suggest some generic drivers you would recommend for the onboard cameras (both) and the touchscreen?

If only the Irulu driver download page was more descriptive. The annoying thing is that everything is probably there but it's just a jumble of letters!

Thanks again.


@welshjpc, I don't normally say this but the best thing to do is contact support. If they don't help any, you'll have to install generic drivers until you find the right one. Be careful not to install malware. You can also try a factory restore. It's good to do those once in a while.


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irulu ax101 firmware

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i found this article on the download center its actually this http://www.img..com/driver/w1004%20os_TZ zip. Hope it helps im assuming this is the imige file so we can install the original os back on it


Hi Jesus, thanks for your help. Sadly the link is broken. Can you please try it again? My tablet still has no cameras nor touchscreen, making it pretty useless for what I want it for! Thanks again.


Hi just saw your email let me just walk you through the steps

1- go to irulu download center heres the link


2-after entering the web page theres a little box that says enter s/n number click on it and enter w1004 then press the search icon

3-You will see it shows an istallation guide, and a w1004 os_tz file and a usbdisk boot file for w1004 w1007 and w1101 download all of the files and open the installation guide its in chinease be carefull.

4-use the usbdisk boot file and follow the instructions.

please note all files are zip files so you need to decompress then using 7zip or winrar


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Update (24.04.2021)

 Das ist wahrscheinlich evtl. der wichtige Touch Treiber.     KMDF HID Minidriver for Touch I2C Device

Das irulu Gerät wird nur zur renault can clip  Diagnose benutzt,ich hatte den Touch schon versucht Vor Jahren zu installieren, jetzt habe ich ein Windows Update gemacht. Die “Festplatte”” war zu klein zum Installieren, ich hätte kein Update gemacht, aber Windows meinte dieses System wird bald nicht mehr betreut .Nach geklicke bot es an die Mcro SD als Zwischen Speicher zu nehmen aber das Ding ist abgestürzt und ich musste es neu aufsetzen….neu aufgesetzt mit dem USB tool   MediaCreationTool20H2 stand 2018  32bit Jetzt habe ich  aktuelles Betriebssystem drauf Version Build 19042 und verrückterweise funktioniert das Touch. Aber ich weiß nicht genau wie. evtl.  wurde der Touch installiert als ich Windows Update gemacht habe und und ich alle Optionale  Update installiert hatte , (vor Neustart , alles installieren lassen -runterladen und installieren lassen, - der Screenshot enthält die optionalen Updates.

Block Image

Ich weiß nicht ob man das Installation Driver Paket im Internet findet ich habe es noch am besten an jemand rausgeben der es dann irgendwo hochlädt.

W1002_W1003_Driver   zip 134mb 17.07.2015

W1005 Driver 11..12.2018

Diese Sachen im Gerätemanager sind mir aufgefallen, muss aber nichts heißen

603.9600.2801.41720   I2C Controller  25.04.2014

603.9600.2801.42149   GPOIO  Controller  04.05.2014

chipset mrd7-pv-ww30-led

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I have this drivers on https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjhXXDHv5EBlgqtUkEBM...

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Advanced driver updater can easily troubleshoot your outdated, missing and faulty drivers problems with the latest driver installations. It scans your system deeply and quickly and update outdated drivers in windows pc.

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