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Keyboard replaces apostrophe, question mark, with other characters

No liquid spilled. But when i try to type an apostrophe, I get è instead. When I try a question mark, I get É. I think some overall setting might be wonky. Ideas (question mark)

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Which OS are you using? It might be that the keyboard has been changed to another language. Look in the regional settings that you have the correct keyboard layout in the OS.

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Thanks. After rebooting it seemed to have solved itself, but i've noticed it from time to time in the past. How do i find regional settings?


In Windows you go to the "Control Panel" then "Language" There you can see which languages are activated for the keyboard. If you have Windows 10 then I now that they seem to change some of these settings after bigger updates, since I have to change my keyboard setting from English to Swedish every now and then.


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