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The fifth Google Nexus phone. Officially announced on October 31, 2013, it sports a 4.95" 1080p display, a 2.26 GHz Snapdragon processor, and LTE support. Powered by Android 4.4.2, KITKAT. Manufactured by LG.

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Vibration caused screen to display in mirror, with a plaid screen.

I have another Nexus with a trashed screen, maybe parts?

If I knew which part to replace. THe parts phone screen has damage to the grey part supporting the screen.

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The way I understand it is that when the phone is shaken the screen display goes funny.

Usually when I have seen this it is the motherboard. Try swapping over that from the other and see if it helps.

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I tried this, but apparently the problem is deeper in. I suspect it is the piece which the glass is attached to. The vibration was putting my phone in a pouch

snuggly attached to my motorcycle handlebars.


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